28 Şubat 2014 Cuma

Need a New Haircut Like '' Mariano Di Vaio''

    If you have a instagram account, Mariano Di Vaio must be one of first names that you should be followed. If you did not follow yet, just go and follow right now, I will be waiting ;) So probably, you will ask who is this Mariano. He is a Italian model and blogger. But the thing made him very popular, his crazy haircut and his different fashion sense.

    I love to make change in my life and any moment I can make crazy decision like going Africa next week or Eminem style haircut  (which I did in High School and I was looking like Sh*t head). In last couple years I started to dress like more classic which I combined hipster style. And my hair is long enough to make a new haircut. I will go to my hairdresser today, show Mariano's hair and say ''Want this'' I think it is going to be funny. Anyway I do not know. We will see!

   If you want curious about his blog, check this out ;) http://www.mdvstyle.com/

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